Media Relations and Coverage

The Secretariat continues to secure media coverage for the activities/events of the Association and Secretary General. The Communications Unit continues to develop relations with the media through the regular hosting of press conferences, interviews and other meetings so as to increase public awareness of the Association’s role and meetings, events and other activities.

 For the year 2010, the Secretary General hosted 6 (six) Press Conferences in order to update the Trinidad & Tobago media on the events and activities of the ACS and the Greater Caribbean: (1) Haiti Earthquake (January), (2) Collaboration with Finland - Meteorology project (March), (3) 11th Meeting of Special Committee on Tourism/ Signing Ceremony MOU UWI-ACS (May), (4) 11th Meeting of the Caribbean Sea Commission (June), (5) 18th Meeting of Special Committee on Disasters (September) and (6) Secretary General Update (October).  Media coverage of all ACS events remains a priority, and meetings held in Suriname, Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Guatemala were duly covered in the local and regional media (newspaper and television).  Local media coverage of the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Commerce Conference “Connecting the Caribbean to Central America: Exploring and Seizing New Opportunities” included more than 15 (fifteen) articles in the press as well as television coverage. All news articles and Video footage of the meetings were made available on the ACS website.