Emancipation Message by Ambassador David Comissiong of Barbados

Ambassador Comissiong delivering the ACS' Second Excellence Lecture in Port-of-Spain | 2019
Emancipation Day Message
David Comissiong - Barbados' Ambassador to CARICOM & the Association of Caribbean States
For me, Emancipation Day is a time for reflection on our ancestors' epic struggle against the system of Chattel Slavery -- perhaps the most evil and brutal system of oppression ever invented -- and the tremendous victory that they won in that monumental battle. And if there is one constant that I discern in that history, it is our ancestors' irrepressible longing and struggle for freedom. 
The annual commemorating of Emancipation Day helps me to better appreciate our unique historical heritage of -- on the one hand -- victimization and suffering, but also-- even more significantly-- of resistance, courage, resilience, cultural creativity, and a deep commitment to freedom and human dignity.
I would therefore like to urge my brothers and sisters to embrace the commemoration of Emancipation Day as an opportunity to further prepare ourselves-- as a people -- to assume the great Mission that our history has bequeathed to us: namely, to be the World's foremost advocates and defenders of the values of freedom and human dignity, and the greatest opponents of racism.