ACS at International Seminar of Caribbean Studies

The 13th International Seminar of Caribbean Studies organized by the International Institute of Caribbean Studies of the University of Cartagena marked the ‘1st International Day of Gabriel García Márquez’. The Association of Caribbean States (ACS) was represented by Mr. Julio Orozco, Director of Sustainable Tourism who was invited to present on the topic of Community-Based Tourism: An Opportunity for the Development of Projects that Promote the Sustainability and Socio-economic Improvement of Communities. Also participating as presenters in the Seminar were representatives of: the University Pablo de Olvide, Spain, the University of Cologne, Germany and the Federal University of Education, Science and Technology of Triângulo Mineiro, Brasil, among others. Mentioned seminar took place from July 24th – 28th, 2017 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia which served as a great opportunity in deepening relations between the ACS and the University of Cartagena as well as other organizations of the Greater Caribbean coming together to share valuable information concerning sustainable tourism, history and culture.