Meeting with the Ministry of Tourism of Honduras and the Directorate of Sustainable Tourism (DST) within the framework of the International Tourism Fair 2017

During the FITUR the Director of Sustainable Tourism of the ACS, Mr. Julio Orozco held a meeting with with the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Honduras, Mr. Emilio Silvestri and Mrs. Tatiana Siercke, Manager of Institutional Management and International Affairs of the Honduran Tourism Institute (IHT, for its acronym in Spanish); this with the aim of sharing the progress in the implementation of the work programme of the DST and consolidate the cooperation related to the next regional workshops that will be held in September 2017, having Honduras as the host country. The purpose of the regional workshops is to follow up on the mandate of the Member States and Associate Members of the ACS in the field of tourism and generate a significant impact in the Sustainability of the tourism industry and Community based Tourism; as well as in the Training and Capacity Building of the Human Resources of the Greater Caribbean. To see other workshops and meetings linked to this event, go to: Resource Center>Photo Galleries.