Legal Affairs

Role and Objectives

The Office of the Legal Advisor develops, promotes and facilitates the overall direction, co-ordination and management of the Legal Affairs of the Association of Caribbean States as a whole, through legal advice, in accordance to the provisions emanating from the ACS Ministerial Council.


  1. Ensure the optimal development of the legal facets of the Association.
  2. Working to ensure that the membership formalise their commitment to the Association in the legal sphere, by taking the steps necessary to sign and or ratify the main legal instruments, in order that they are able to take the external and internal measures necessary to facilitate co-operation.
  3. Facilitate access to up to date legal information and to other related issues that fall within the competence of the Legal Office.
  4. Undertake all actions necessary to ensure that the provisions and agreements emanating from the ACS Ministerial Council and other bodies of the Association are consistent with international law and international legal standards, including treaties and conventions and with the legal instruments agreed upon internally.
  5. Oversee the Implementation of the ACS Caribbean Sea Initiative, and within ensure the development and consolidation of the Caribbean Sea Commission.