Political Affairs

Under the direction of the Secretary General, the Political Adviser acts as the focal point for matters related to the political environment and activities of the ACS. 

More particularly, the OPA coordinates activities and documentation concerning Meetings of the Ministerial Council, be they the Annual Ordinary Meetings, Intersessional Preparatory meetings, or the Meetings of the Executive Board of the Council.  The ACS Summit also falls under her remit as part of the Secretary General’s Office, in accordance with relevant mandates from the Ministerial Council.

The Political Adviser also:

  • Handles the day-to-day aspects of communication with the ACS Membership as well as International and Regional Organizations and other entities as necessary;
  • Offers advice and conducts analyses either proactively or when requested by the Secretary General;
  • Studies, evaluates and conceptualises issues in the area of competence, either proactively or arising out of requests made by the Secretary General;
  • Acts as a resource person on issues in his/her area of competence in accordance with the programmes and projects of the Secretariat; and
  • Drafts and submits reports on activities undertaken, identifying timeframes, and frequency required.