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Welcome to the ACS Resource Library. This portal provides access to a panel of information on the operational activities of the ACS and the Greater Caribbean.

This Resource Library is a reflection of the wider range of material which can be found in the main library at the ACS Secretariat.  The collection includes documents from the ACS Secretariat, Member States and Associate Member Countries as well as ACS Observers, Social Actors and Partners. For further information or to arrange a visit, please contact the ACS Communications Officer.


The General Secretariat is the executing body of the ACS. In this section, you will find documents pertaining to the Secretary General, the Office of the Legal Advisor and the Office of the Political Advisor.


In this section, you will be able to access all the regional organizations which maintain bi-lateral relationships with the ACS which are integral to the continued progress of the organization.


Click here to find the profile of each of the ACS Member and Associate Member Countries as well as other territories


The ACS is a Zone of Cooperation with its current focus on Trade, Transport, Sustainable Tourism and Disaster Risk Reduction.

In this section you will find reports and statistical data from ECLAC, IMF and the Central Bank.

This portal invites you to view newspaper articles, newsletters, journals and magazines.


The multimedia invites you to a window of electronic media.



This section invites you to consult all other types of ACS Ressources.