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ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/STATEMENTS4 Statements from the President of the Guatemalan Chamber of Commerce October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/STATEMENTS1 Statements from the Secretary General of the ACS October 2010
ACS/2010/TRANS.19/INF.001 Status of signatures and ratifications of the air transport agreement among member states and associate members of the ACS April 2010
ACS/2013/TRADE/BusinessVisasWorkingGroup.II/INFO.002 STATUS REPORT OF ACTIVITIES August 2013 Priority Areas, Trade
ACS-2012/TRADE.XXVII/INF.005 Study - Flow of Trade Inf. 005 June 2012 ACS Membership, ACS Membership, Priority Areas, Trade
ACS/2012/TRANS.21/RR/Anexo VI Study demand for air transport November 2012 all Members and Associate Members, Transport
Study on Port and Maritime Strategies for the Greater Caribbean - Final Report May 2015 Transport
ACS/2013/TRANS.22/WP.002 Study on the possibilities of the demand for air transport among ACS member countries October 2013 all Members and Associate Members, Transport
ACS/2012/TRANS.21/WP.002 Study on the potential demand for air transport July 2012 ACS Membership, Priority Areas, Transport
ACS/2012/TRANS.21/RR/Annexe X Sustainable Tourism Project November 2012 Tous les Membres et Membres Associés, Transport
ACS/2012/DRR.20/WP.006 Table of Institutional Contacts October 2012 Disaster Risk Reduction
17/00 Temporary Suspension of Article 21 of Annex I of Agreement 10/95, regarding the duration of contracts of the International Staff of the Secretariat December 2000
ACS/2013/TRANS.22/INF.006 Tender Notice October 2013 all Members and Associate Members, Transport
TENDER NOTICE: Request for Proposals for the Harmonisation of a Single Transport Document (STD) for Goods in the Greater Caribbean October 2016 all Members and Associate Members, Trade
ACS/2013/TRADECustomsWorking Group.I /WP.001 Terms of Reference September 2012 Trade
13/00 Terms of reference for Meetings of the Executive Board of the Ministerial Council December 2000
ACS/2012/TRADE.XXVII/WP.001 Terms of Reference for the Working Group of the Trade Committee on Trade Facilitation July 2012 ACS, ACS Membership, Priority Areas, Trade
ACS/2013/TRADEBusinessVisasWorkingGroup.I/WP.001 Terms of Reference for Working Group on Business Visas October 2012 Priority Areas, Trade
ACS/2012/Summit Terms of Reference June 15 July 2012 ACS, ACS Membership, Priority Areas, Secretariat General
The Declaration of Managua April 2019