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ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/AGENDA Conference agenda October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/AGENDA/OBJECTIVES Description, general and specific objectives and expected results of the Conference. October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/CABCORP Power point presentation Mr. Miguel Castillo, from CABCORP October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PARTICIPANTS List of names of the Central American participants October 2010 Trade
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE1 Profiles of Edmundo Gil in the CA Panel October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE10 Profiles of Yolanda Gavidia & Dennis Evans October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE2 Profiles of Luis Castillo in the CA Panel October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE3 Profiles of Mario Siman in the CA Panel October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE4 Profiles of Aleem Mohammed in the CARICOM Panel October 2010 Caricom
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE5 Profiles of Kama Maharaj in the CARICOM Panel June 2011 Caricom
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE6 Profiles of Arthur Lok Jack in the CARICOM Panel June 2010 Caricom
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE7 Profiles of Ralph Williams & Rolph & Balgobin in the CARICOM Panel October 2010 Caricom
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE8 Profiles of Jwala Rambaran October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILE9 Profiles of Miguel Carrillo & Edwin Carrington October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/PROFILES Countries Profiles October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/SG/SPEECH The Secretary General’s speech October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/SIECA Power point presentations of SIECA October 2010 SIECA
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/STATEMENTS1 Statements from the Secretary General of the ACS October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/STATEMENTS2 Statements from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of TT October 2010
ACS/2010/TRADE/TTCIC/STATEMENTS3 Statements from the President of the Chamber of Commerce October 2010 Trinidad & Tobago