Communications Strategy

The ACS Work Programme stipulates: The strengthening of the Greater Caribbean Cooperation Space requires strong promotion of its identity, activities and benefits.  This is also a requirement for the mobilisation of the human, technical and financial resources needed to implement the ACS cooperation activities and programmes.

In this context, and in order to provide support for the construction of the Greater Caribbean Cooperation Space, it is paramount that a communications strategy be defined and implemented with a view to positioning the ACS in its geographic environment and increasing its recognition among international sponsors.

The Communications Strategy is based on the creation of brochures, leaflets, cards and video presentations, as well as the publication of the ACS Yearbook, the dissemination of a Press Review, the translation of documents, the participation of the Secretariat in various events organised with the local and regional media and the promotion of ACS activities in each Member and Associate Member State.


Objectives of the Communications Unit

  1. Promote the identity of the Greater Caribbean Zone
  2. Promote the activities and benefits of cooperation within the zone
  3. Position the ACS in its geographic environment
  4. Increase recognition of the ACS by international donors
  5. Plan and execute programmes to inform the local and regional public of matters related to the programmes, accomplishments and points of view of the ACS Secretariat.