Feasibility Study for the Creation of a Regional Post-Disaster Fund for ACS Member Countries

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Government of the United Kingdom


The 3rd Meeting of the Special Committee on Natural Disasters, convened in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, on September 20-21, 2001, proposed that a Post-Disaster Fund be developed that would grant ACS Member Countries access to the financial resources needed to meet the restoration and reconstruction demands arising after a disaster.

Subsequent to this, the Plan of Action of Margarita adopted by the 3rd Summit of ACS Heads of State and/or Government in December 2001, included the mandate to perform a study on the possibility of creating mechanisms to identify sources of reimbursable and non-reimbursable financing, as well as the requirements for effective management with respect to international organisations, so that the ACS Member States and Associate Members affected by disasters could channel funds toward the areas of restoration and reconstruction.

During the 4th Meeting of the Special Committee on Natural Disasters (Guatemala, March 2002), a proposal was put forward for a feasibility study to be performed on the creation of a Regional Post-Disaster Fund in the ACS, which was completed at the 4th Meeting of the Technical Work Group of the Special Committee on Natural Disasters (Dominican Republic, June 2002).

The Study was financed with funding provided by the United Kingdom and the Republic of Korea.


Objective of the Study 

The objective of the Feasibility Study was to determine the viability of ACS Member Countries establishing a Post-Disaster Fund that would support the Greater Caribbean in priority areas such as post-disaster reconstruction, bearing in mind the reduction of risks and also investments destined for technical and scientific studies on vulnerability assessment and reduction, locally as well as regionally.


Final Report of the Feasibility Study

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Resumen Ejecutivo


I. Antecedentes y acuerdos por parte de los Países Miembros de la AEC para crear un Fondo Regional Post-Desastres

II. Desastres: Treinta años de lastre para el Desarrollo Sostenible

III. Revisión de Fondos creados para la reconstrucción, prevención y mitigación

IV. Perfil de la capacidad institucional y estado de la prevención/reconstrucción del desastre como política pública en el Gran Caribe

V. Racionalidad económica de las propuestas del fondo y políticas institucionales regionales para el financiamiento

VI. Posibilidades de Fondos

VII. Identificación y caracterización de las principales iniciativas complementarias en el Gran Caribe: un análisis de los fondos nacionales

VIII. Análisis de la demanda institucional por parte de los Países Miembros de la AEC del Fondo Regional de Reconstrucción Post-Desastre y tipo de fondo

IX. Determinación de demanda en la banca de desarrollo y la cooperación técnica internacional por un Fondo Regional

X. Análisis Financiero

XI. Conclusiones

XII. Recomendaciones

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