Request for Proposal to conduct an assessment of the digital environment of the ACS and develop a digital transformation strategy

Announcement of Vacancy: 

The Association of Caribbean States (ACS) seeks to retain the services of a consultant to conduct an assessment of the digital environment of the Secretariat of the Association of Caribbean and develop a digital transformation strategy. In that regard the organisation hereby issues this Request for Proposal (RFP) to determine the interest and capacity of companies/providers in carrying out the required services and invites you to participate by submitting a response.

Duration of appointment: 
2 months
Duties and responsabilities: 
  • Assess our current digital maturity and identify gaps, opportunities, and areas for improvement
  • Develop a comprehensive digital transformation strategy that aligns with our business objectives and addresses both short-term and long-term goals
  • Provide recommendations on the most suitable technologies, tools, and platforms to achieve our strategic objectives
  • Identify potential risks and challenges and develop mitigation strategies
  • Develop a change management plan to facilitate the smooth implementation of the digital transformation initiative
  • Provide a high-level implementation roadmap, including key milestones and timelines; as well as Terms of Reference for the implementation phase
Documentation required: 

Proposals should include the following information:

  1. Firm profile, including a brief history, areas of expertise, and relevant experience with digital transformation projects.
  2. Proposed project approach, including methodologies, tools, and frameworks that will be used during the consultation phase.
  3. Detailed work plan, outlining the tasks and deliverables to be completed during the project, with estimated timelines.
  4. Schedule of Fees/breakdown of project budget to be reflected in United States Dollars.
Job Title: 
Vendor - Digital Transformation Strategy
Deadline for receiving applications: 
24 July 2023